Technical Management

Cido Shipping(Korea) Co., Ltd. is a professional ship management company for ships owned by Cido Shipping(H.K). Therefore the company has the best ship management system to ensure ship safe operation and environmental protection, and in advance to prevent accident which can be occurred shipboard, and the company aims to customer’s satisfaction.

Fleet Management System
Members in Technical Dept. consist of skilful superintendents who have sufficient experience associate ship maintenance as well as seaman’s onboard, and specialized fleet management system for each kind of ship is operating to efficiently manage Vehicle Carrier and Bulk Carrier.

In-house Maintenance Team
In-house maintenance team consisting of skilful technicians to ensure efficient ship maintenance for shipboard critical equipment and/or technical system, contributes to cost down and reliability of ship maintenance.

Computerized Planned Maintenance System (PMS)
It contributes to efficiently manage ship maintenance status between shore and ship, to solve problem of machinery, equipment and structure shipboard which is aging, and to prevent unexpected accident.

Computerized Ship Management System
Ship management system is computerized, and Emergency Response System(ERS) is established to minimize loss caused by accident and to ensure rapid and accurate trouble shooting when accident. The system contributes to quickly recover ship safe operation with close cooperation among the related dept. and sub-contractor