Crew Management

CIDO has experienced pool of over 1,300 crews, and the manner of professional management system of crewing will be in a vanguard of worldwide with its international variations.

Crew Management
Through the development of its IT system, CIDO has created a web-based crewing system which allows clients to access information from anywhere in the world. Crew information such as personal details, training certificates, work history, assessment reports can be viewed by the principals as well as vessel crew lists including crew onboard, sign on & sign-off dates. Continuous upgrading of the crewing system program will ensure more benefits for our customers. CIDO has five manning agencies at each country, Philippines, China and Myanmar of which are indirectly controlling by us with exclusive pool, and directly managing the Korean seniors. We, also look for other nationality qualified crews in order to manage the special carriers in which requires from principals nowadays.

Crew Training
To ensure the constant upgrading for the crew's knowledge and capabilities, CIDO constructed its networking training facilities in Korea, linking with Philippines and China for easy accessing at each jointed CIDO training center of those countries. Also, CIDO specialized training instructors of each manning agency are appointed, or employed by CIDO and periodically collected at Korea together for obtaining the updated CIDO educational program every year to proffer their CSQ trainings to each endorsed pre-joining crewmember. But, the senior rank's training to be compulsory carried out by CIDO Shipping (Korea) expert trainers directly. We, CIDO certainly deem that the manpower of crew as CIDO sea-staff is a most valuable property to keep the company's dynamic prosperity, therefore our earnestness to develop more competitive crewing & training obliges us to keep constantly up to the minute.

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