President Greeting

Welcome to Cido Shipping ( Korea ) Co.,Ltd ( hereafter called “ Cido Korea” ) homepage and Thank you for visiting here.
Cido Korea started our business since it was established in Korea in 1995 as a advanced and professional ship mangement company managing 16 vessels with PCCs & Bulk Carriers ,Then it has rapidly grown up to be a professional S.M company with a best competitiveness managing over 40 vessels with PC(T)Cs and Bulk Carriers in a global shipping market owing to principals support & care and every client Interest. Especially , Cido Korea has been positioned concretely as the most Competitive S.M company with accumulated experiences and high Technical knowledge in the field of managing PC(T)C , and keep on Managing Bulk Carriers most competitively as well.

Cido Korea is providing our principals and customers with ship management business diversely like Technology , Crew manning , Safety quality and environment system,IT service , P&I Insurance , Ship operating assistance , and our service let all vessels make to save costs effectively and keep safety operation to satisfy customers’ needs. These kinds of our continued endeavors and customers supports have made sure that Cido Korea became one of the best leading and professional Ship management companies in a global ship management field.

We, Cido Korea ‘s all executives and staffs based on challenge, change and passion, will dedicate to keep on managing all vessels safely , efficiently and accomplishing Principals and customers’ satisfaction through our advanced and professional ship management system.

Thank you once again.