Recruit Information
CIDO encourage employees to develop their work and life skills in order to achieve personal as well as career goals. To this end, we support employees in acquiring additional relevant knowledge and skills, as well as ensuring their work projects and assignments complement and accelerate their individual development.
Require Rank Korean : Master, C/E
Foreigners : All ranks for PCTC and Bulk Carrier.
Application Any Time
Career More than 1 Year each expected ranks.
Age Limitation None
A Prospectus
and other information
- We are majorly managing PC(T)C, Bulk Carrier Ship.
- Crew consist of Korean, Filipinos, Myanmarese and P.R. Chinese.
- Preferential for Experience of New Delivery vessel(PC(T)C, Bulk Carrier)
- Preferential for Experience of Piestick Eng(PC Eng) especially for C/E
- Good communicator
- Computer literate.